Neil Diamond NIGHT


This is a full 2 hour non-stop tribute show.  Singing 20+ Neil Diamond Hits mixed with other notable artists.  Such as significant hits  from Kenny Rogers, Kenny Chesney, Glen Campbell, Paul Davis,  Roger Whitaker, Billy Joel and more.  Show includes song factoids, trivia, humor and a very entertaining fun time.

Upcoming winter 2019/2020 tour of Southwest Area.

Traveling the winter season between Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Yuma, Phoenix, Tucson, Southern California resort cities and all points in between. Performing at Eagles, Elks, Moose, VFW, Casinos, RV Resorts, Lounges, Fairs, and Special Events.  Returning to the Pacific Northwest during the Summer months. Touring and performing as requested.


This is truly a unique performance.  Neil Diamond's songs cross many age groups and appeal to most everyone. These songs are a memorable part of the Americana of music and are much loved. Jack Powell has captured the romance and style of Neil Diamond with uncanny sound alike vocals.

Jack Powell has the talent to reproduce these memorable tunes. He has both the passion and drama to sing these great all time hits of a music icon.  His timing and voice inflection sounds so real and dynamic.

This show is one of the best music tributes.  We couldn't find anyone else that performs a Neil Diamond act.   We were so pleased to locate Jack and discover his talent for reproducing such a warm and exciting show.   Who doesn't like Neil Diamond?

This is truly a great alternative to the many other worn out acts that get so boring and repeated.  Neil Diamond songs are a crowd pleaser and Jack Powell is the best we've ever heard.  I think he sounds more like Neil  - than does Neil himself.

Booking Details

Contact Jack for a calendar of open dates.  Rates vary depending on type of venue. 1) Whether admission is charged or not. 2) Organization affiliation and budget. 3) Show length, if longer than 2 hours  4) Distance of travel. 5) Day of week.   All attempts are made to agree on an equitable booking.

Home Base

Based out of Spokane, WA.  Travels to the Southwestern Region in his RV Motor Home (commonly referred to as a snowbird)  during the winter/spring months to perform in the many resorts and clubs.

Contact Info

Feel free to reach out to Jack Powell by email:  or phone / text: 541-441-5233